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Fertility Doctor Columbus, Ohio


You’re Not Alone. 让我们和你一起走过.

We know that the nature of reproductive issues presents significant emotional and physical challenges. Being submerged in the world of infertility can often leave women or couples feeling overwhelmed and helpless, 不知道从哪里开始,不知道把时间和精力集中在哪里. 值得庆幸的是,你对有教养的答案的搜索结果是找到了一个 fertility doctor who can help guide you.



Natural Fertility Treatments: Functional Medicine Begins Where Conventional Falls Short

We are mothers. We are physicians. And our shared goal is to dive deeper than conventional medicine and holistically explore the root cause of your personalized fertility challenges. Your family doctor and established OBGYN specialist have built lasting rapport with you over the years, 但他们根本没有足够的时间去四处走动. 这就是我们可以提供帮助的地方.

作为一个经过认证的生育专家团队, we walk together to unveil all potential avenues to increase your pregnancy success through a functional medicine approach. 我们的团队已经建立了一套全面的生育澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网方法, each designed to directly address your greatest concerns in a comprehensible and comfortable manner.



Growing up, we assumed once we decided to be a mom, we would be pregnant within a few months. 然而,很多时候,这个童话故事是不真实的. 你可能会觉得你无法控制结果, but a thorough fertility treatment plan can give us more control than we think.

We cannot promise you a pregnancy, but we can promise optimization of your hormones and egg quality. 我们可以保证一种控制感,从而减轻焦虑. 我们可以保证,我们会支持你的每一步.

怀孕可能是快乐和焦虑的源泉. For some of us, the experience of a miscarriage is one that we will never forget. We can’t shake the sensation of guilt, even though we know it’s not our fault. Our team offers unexplained recurrent miscarriage treatments to help gain a better understanding of the factors at play and gain biological clarity.

我们不能保证与我们合作就能避免损失, 但在这段时间里,我们会给你一种控制感. We will accompany you, explaining health issues that can impact fertility and employing the best solutions unique to your circumstance, 包括基因筛选, lifestyle changes, and, if necessary, medications.

Ovulation occurs when our symphony of hormones works together to create a seamless, harmonious cycle. 然而,事情并不总是那么简单. You may struggle with endometriosis or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), 哪些是雌激素占优势的诊断. You may have irregular cycles or none at all, making it harder to conceive.

所以我们澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网月经不调的唯一选择就是节育, 但如果你想找到你月经不规律的根本原因呢? We will walk through natural ovulation disorder treatment options including diet, movement, supplements and, at times, pharmaceuticals.

It is possible to optimize your fertility before you are actively trying to conceive. We will review labwork and diet formulating a personalized plan to optimize your fertile years. 你的计划要包罗万象,包括饮食, movement, stress management, hormone balance, 营养药品和/或药物澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网方案.

Nutrition throughout pregnancy is vital, perhaps more so than at any other point in our lives. Dr. Marguerite Weston, Angie Scala, NP, and the rest of our functional wellness team will cater this plan to meet the needs of your lifestyle, ensuring it is simple enough to sustain but thorough enough to be effective.



Hormone Balancing

我们的自然荷尔蒙环境是一个美丽的 这首歌每天都在播放,每个星期都在改变It is 既坚韧又脆弱,值得尊重We 使用综合的方法来寻找荷尔蒙 not only at 雌激素和黄体酮平衡还有甲状腺,皮质醇, DHEA and testosterone.

Stress Management

Stress Management

我们常常意识不到自己的压力,但我们的身体却能感觉到It presents itself in different ways and may “protect” us from further stress by inhibiting pregnancy. We are able to observe your cortisol pattern throughout the day and study your adrenal function in order to optimize your stress response.


Nutrition Planning

营养是医学中服务最欠缺的领域之一. We use energy (ATP) for every single reaction in our body and every reaction requires a vitamin or mineral. Unfortunately, when we are low on these vitamins or minerals our body conserves energy which makes it challenging to conceive. We optimize micro and macronutrients to support your body’s specific needs for successful conception.

Toxin Mitigation

As mentioned, we use energy (ATP) for every single reaction in our body — and every reaction 会被毒素或重金属堵塞吗. 不幸的是,当我们不产生ATP时 我们的身体储存能量, 受孕受到阻碍毒素也可以直接 affect 我们的荷尔蒙通过阻断或行动 比如我们的荷尔蒙导致失衡.



抗炎饮食 也能提高生育率 sperm quality. 炎症的来源有很多 在我们的身体里,每一个都可以用自己独特的方式来解决We will walk with you to uncover areas of concern and how we can slowly reduce your inflammation using diet, motion and, in some cases, medications. 

Gut health patient

Gut Health

我们的肠道生物群落是关键 我们身体的每一个系统最重要的是,它可以调节 our immune system自身免疫性疾病呈上升趋势 怀孕是很有挑战性的 our immune system is overstimulated我们的肠道健康也很复杂 related to the absorption of nutrients, detoxification and hormone balance. We help strike the right balance of good bacteria while minimizing the bad. 

Dr. 玛格丽特·韦斯顿:从家庭医学到计划生育

“I have seen the emotion in the eyes of 那些试图怀孕的澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖平台——这令人心碎这是不能接受的 allow patients to forge this journey alone. We are 在这里并肩行走 families in order to 创建一个个性化的生育方法 在没有控制感的地方允许有控制的元素.”

Meet Dr. Weston

功能医学专家,Dr. Marguerite Weston


“I’ve walked on both sides of this journey — as a patient eager to finally have a positive pregnancy test, and as a provider, 渴望发现方法 optimize 您的生育能力和实现您的计划生育目标. That’s 我的激情从哪里开始 functional fertility, to not only help myself as a fertility patient but also to help many others on their own fertility journey.”

Meet Angie Scala, NP


The topic of fertility services and pregnancy can be both exciting and stressful. 我们知道,这段时间可能是一个脆弱的时期. We are here to bring combine our real-world experiences as mothers with our world-class training as physicians to bring to life a program that helps you achieve your ultimate goals.




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